It is not an easy decision to move. Whether for work, retirement, or other life changes, everyone has valid reasons. My objective is to provide the highest level of service tailored to your unique needs and objectives. You are not only a client but an individual and my neighbor.

No one takes selling their property lightly. You shouldn’t either. You need to make sure you get the most you for your home. Why? For many of us, our home is the single biggest investment of our lives. Not only that, it’s one of the pillars of our retirement as we depend on the equity we build up over time to supplement our retirement incomes. Don’t make the mistake of failing to maximize your home sales price. Many factors determine price, but your agent can have the biggest impact by effectively marketing your home, negotiating the sale, bringing a good team together in escrow, and thoroughly executing the transaction.

UC Berkeley-B.A., UC San Diego-M.A., and a Real Estate Broker’s License. Network of professionals in Home Inspection, Loan, Contracting, Appraisal, Escrow, and Law. Ability to manage and work with them as seamless a team.

Extensive experience in marketing research, small business, and in real estate. Customer focused, organized, efficient, and effective where it comes to marketing your home, negotiating the best price, and carrying through to the close of escrow to your satisfaction.

Without the right people, nothing is possible. I am a licensed real estate broker backed up by many years of higher education, corporate marketing experience, small business ownership, and numerous real estate sales. I have assembled a team around me to provide a seamless and effective service.