Welcome to the Smarter Way to sell your home. Trust us to bring together all our experience, expertise, and professionalism to fulfill our fiduciary duty to protect your interests and well being and to help you navigate the complex process of selling or buying your home or investing in income-producing properties.

Our Smart Pre-Staging Report is an example of Smart Realty providing exceptional, high quality, and premium value-added services without additional costs. We put ourself in the role of the buyer looking at the purchase of his or her lifetime. They will imagine a life in their new home, kicking the tires, looking at the construction, and assessing value.

With our extensive sales experience and closing many transactions, we know what turns people on and what puts people off. Thus, we can tell you something about how to enhance the product, which is your home.

We inventory your property section by section, go through room by room, and come up with detailed recommendations for sprucing up your home for the sale. The Report contains dozens of low-cost easy to do quick fixes to enhance the buyer’s experience. Each will benefit the sale significantly netting you potentially thousands to tens of thousands more.

Some items will be mandatory to meet code or simply cost little or nothing to do. Some you can do by hiring a contractor at a modest cost. Others you can decide on a case by case basis. It could include paint touch up, cleaning, organizing, decluttering, repairs, replacements, and in some cases more costly upgrades and renovations.

We recommend whether to do certain things based on ROI: Whether it’s worth it or not. You decide, picking and choose what and how much to do according to your time and budget. On rare occasions, clients hire a general contractor for major upgrades so they can sell it as “move in condition” rather than “fixer-upper.” Also on rare occasions, clients sell the property “as-is” with some discounting. Either way, you are not alone. We are ready to help out with our sleeves rolled up with our Handyman Service or helping you find and coordinate with contractors.

For the harder and more complicated issues, we also have a team of professionals from electricians and plumbers to garage door specialists and HVAC, all working seamlessly as a team.

Even if you do only some of them, your property will increase curb appeal, make better first impressions, and invite more offers. During negotiations, buyers will have less to complain about. In Escrow, the Home Inspector’s Report will be thinner.

While locational factors like city, state, zip code, and even neighborhood are already decided, there are still much you can do. With my Free Pre-Staging Report, we will show you how to put a shine on your home from the front yard to the inside living quarters within your budget and time constraints.

All in all, you will agree that our Smart Pre-Staging Report will put you in a strong position and provide you with many benefits including a higher price and fewer hassles.

Here are two Sample Pre-Staging Reports for your interest:
Sample Pre-Staging Report 1
Sample Pre-Staging Report 2