6512 Fullerton Ave

Thank you for your interest in renting the apartment at: 6512 Fullerton Ave #ABuena Park, CA 90621 PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THE OTHER TENANTS. This is one of two units in a duplex apartment building. With one other tenant, this unit shares the building, driveway, garage, and the front and back yards. It has a… Read More

Title Insurance ABC’s

Four important services are performed by Title companies. Title Search and Examination When buying a home, prospective buyers and their agents consult a title company. The title indicates ownership. The public document which most accords ownership on real property is the deed. The title company will search the public records to find and isolate your… Read More

Four Ways to Retire

Take money out of your existing home: Downsize: Move to a smaller, cheaper home. Use equity left over. You can deduct $250,000 per person Also reduces your home expenses Equity Loan: Will boost your cash flow but could increase monthly mortgage payments Reverse Mortgage: Age 62 or older Proceeds taken as lump sum, credit line,… Read More