Pricing your home right the first time is critical in today’s highly competitive market; it all depends on timing. Whether you time or not, proper preparation and positioning will enhance your negotiating position. I provide a methodical approach to increasing the price of your home.

We start with an estimate of current value for your home based on the RVM® real estate valuation model. The RVM uses a comprehensive database of approximately 164 million properties across the country. The data include MLS recent sales records, various public records, census, employment, demographics, and economic trends.

Click here for a sample of the report here:
Sample RPR Report (pdf).

Unfortunately, while RVM provides a good estimate, it’s purely reliant on an algorithm and public data. It lacks specific information about your neighborhood and your home.

So we take the good RVM® estimate and make it better by fine-tuning it. We do that by using our knowledge and experience of the local market conditions, your specific local neighborhood, your home’s unique qualities, local market trends, and comparative local sales data. It is further refined based on based on current offerings and your personal needs and requirements.

Click here for a sample of our customized Listing Presentation:
Sample Listing Presentation (pdf).

Then there’s data and there’s marketing. Numerous factors determine price, but getting the highest price for your home does not have to be accidental like winning a lottery.

Smart Realty has the experience and know-how to market your home, negotiate the highest sale price, and thoroughly execute the transaction. At each step considerable thought and effort go into maximizing your return.