We are independent: As an independently owned and operated brokerage, we pay no fees to a national franchise like Re-Max, Keller Williams, First Team, ERA, or Century 21 who charge money for borrowing their name. This does not lower your exposure one iota. Ask about our Smart Market Saturation Strategy.

We have systematized the process: With 10 years of experience and numerous transactions under our belt, we have the process down. This includes aspects of the process that are obvious as those that come to those only with extensive experience. We can be quick and efficient as well as effective.

We do much of the work in-house: From photography to website design to the MLS, we do the work in-house. We also can do some Handyman work if the job requires it. Our brokers and agents are not mere marketers but roll up their sleeves and take full responsibility for the transaction from beginning to end.

We have a professional team lined up: We also have specialists lined up ready to fulfill their part to get the job done from transaction specialists, home inspectors, pest control, MLS staff, and general contractors, to escrow and title. We also monitor any professionals and subcontractors we hire for cost and quality.

We’d rather make money on volume: In prior years, we focused on one transaction at a time handling no more than a couple at a time. We prided ourselves in providing customized service. Let’s face it, selling homes is complicated but it’s not rocket science, as long as you know what you are doing.

We automated the process: We rely extensively on information technology. We can deal with our clients at the person to person level all the time. However, if the client is computer savvy, they can review and signs documents online. They also receive constant feedback and status updates online and by email, text, or instant messaging.

Bottom Line: We believe in fair pricing for an honest day’s work without sacrificing anything for the client to whom we owe our undivided fiduciary duty.