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All of our experience suggests that in order to get the highest price, you need to approach the sale of your home methodically, you need to expose your home to the widest possible audience of prospective buyers, you need to properly position and market your home vs. the competition, you need to give sufficient time to plan, prepare, and execute the marketing of your home, you should not grab the first offer without thoroughly doing all of the above, and most of all you need to hire a company who not only has experience, know-how, and technical savvy, but also someone who takes your phone calls, explains things, and most of all upholds their fiduciary duties to protect and promote your interests.

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Let’s face it selling or buying a home is not like selling or buying a used car. A lot of legalese are involved, forms have to be filed, and whole lot of money switches hand. There is complexity. There is risk. Unless you have real estate experience and the requisite know-how as a seasoned investor, it is not advised. Make the wrong mistake, it can cost you a lot more than the 5-6% commission you pay the agent or broker or worse. Making simple mistakes can cost you more. You can come out ahead with a competent professional on your side. A full service agency and a seasoned professional can bring you a great deal of resources and tools from preparing your home for the sale and negotiating to close of escrow. You recoup the cost of  professional representation in the higher price you get and at lesser potential cost, risk, and hassle to you. Learn more.


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